Dix ideology question equals question mark

"I don't try to define myself on a political spectrum." That's what Adrian Dix told you when he appeared on this show last month. That's what he said during a discussion about those who have described him as the most left-wing candidate in the provincial New Democrat leadership race. Instead, Mr. Dix said his defining belief is "equality, the right of everyone to live a good life and achieve their dreams." So I wondered what the Vancouver-Kingsway MLA meant when he described his approach to winning the next election this way: "To borrow a hockey analogy, you don't score a goal from centre ice."

Does he mean you need to get closer to the goal in order to score? Does he mean you need to be on the right hand side of the rink to score? Or does he mean you need to be on the left hand side of the rink to score?

Who knows? As a result, the party's left-wing members - as well as British Columbians - must define for themselves where Mr. Dix stands on the political spectrum and what that might mean for the province should he be elected leader of the New Democrats.


Dix did an excellent job under Carole James, the one who kept trying to connect with the right wing side of the political spectrum. So why are you trying to tell us he is the most left wing candidate? Do you prefer the "Mushy middle ground" as the safest place to be? Being safe gets you no where. The statement sounds like something the BC Liberals would claim they are, a coalition of anyone but NDP

I think what he meant by the hockey analogy is that you have to be able to work the puck in the corners and use you elbows. You know, mix it up a little, be a bit 'in you face' when dealing with the opposite side. This is the same strategy used by the likes of Falcon and Hansen and yes, even Krueger but nobody accuses them of being left-wing.

It would be great if the journalists in the BC reported on the issues in this campaign. This article and most others I have read do not discuss any of the issues that the candidates are bringing forward. It's time for a change in how they report.

Dix said:"equality, the right of everyone to live a good life and achieve their dreams." The real question is how he views the inevitable conflict of rights to "live a good life". He must have such a view and he should tell us what it is. For example, does he believe the right to free speech should give way to the claim of some that there is a right not to be offended ?

Which of Dix's policies define him as the most left-wing candidate? Is it the promise to create for the NDP a new relationship to business? Or perhaps, his promise to apply the existing carbon tax to building public transit and a green and sustainable infrastructure? Or, to reintroduce environmental controls and inspections systematically removed by BC Liberals so rivers and groundwater systems could be trashed. Could it be Dix's aim of making delivery of health care more efficient and cost effective?

Mostly, the people throwing out meaningless left/right labels are Victoria pundits. How is it for example that preserving and caring about our environment is left wing? Seems to me that conservatives, by definition, value preservation of the assets and traditions that made BC what it is and has been.

Perhaps, the press gallery has had a hint that Dix plans to nationalize the Vancouver Canucks if they win the Stanley Cup?

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