Loose Fish - March 18, 2011

Provincial New Democrat leadership candidates continued to roll out MLA endorsements this week. Mike Farnworth won the support of Guy Gentner and Lana Popham, while John Horgan picked up the backing of former leadership candidate Harry Lali. Mr. Gentner, Ms. Popham and Mr. Lali were counted among the dissidents during the recent infighting that resulted in Carole James's decision to step down as the party's head. Meanwhile, Adrian Dix announced the support of Michelle Mungall. That means Mr. Dix remains the only major leadership candidate who has yet to receive an endorsement from a member of the Baker's Dozen. The following is a complete copy of our updated loose fish list.


Adrian Dix

Harry Bains
Sue Hammell
Michelle Mungall
Bruce Ralston
Mable Elmore

Mike Farnworth

Jagrup Brar
Katrine Conroy
Doug Donaldson
Rob Fleming
Guy Gentner
Lana Popham
Norm Macdonald
Doug Routley

John Horgan

Kathy Corrigan
Maurine Karagianis
Scott Fraser
Harry Lali
Bill Routley
Claire Trevena

Dana Larsen

no caucus supporters announced

Nicholas Simons

no caucus supporters announced

Loose fish

Robin Austin
Gary Coons
Leonard Krog
Jenny Kwan
Michael Sather
Shane Simpson
Diane Thorne

Leadership relations committee

Spencer Chandra Herbert
Raj Chouhan


Nicholas Simons only needs a Harry Bloy wanna-be and he too can win the BC NDP leadership.

Josef. Remember that old say that it is better to have people think something of you than to open your mouth and erase all doubt. You insist on commenting on all things NDP but you really have no insight at all.

It's still early days but possibly not all the loose fish will declare. They have one vote just like everyone else in the party

Hal, that was a satirical comment.

Thanks for saying what I tried to say in the past but was not posted. It does get a little childish & sickening ( useless comments )after a while. I believe it's a race between Farnworth & Horgan. If I was to choose, it would be Farnworth.

Guy in Victoria

As for satire, it is a craft not for amateurs.

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