Lines of defence prepared for Hochstein appointment

After announcing the appointment of a political ally to a patronage position, the provincial government prepared for the media questions that would follow. Public Eye was the first to tell you about the government's decision to name Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of British Columbia president Philip Hochstein to Port Metro Vancouver's board of directors. That decision was quietly announced on January 28 in an information bulletin posted on the government's Website but not distributed to the media. Then, on January 31, a confidential issues note was prepared for the minister responsible - Shirley Bond - providing her with recommended responses to any inquiries about Mr. Hochstein's new job.

The note emphasized the association president "is a well qualified and respected individual with experience as a community business leader" and that Port Metro Vancouver's chair Sarah Morgan-Silvester "spoke with the candidate to assess his suitability." It also reiterated the government long-standing message of being "committed to fair, merit-based hiring." The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned note.

Records concerning Philip Hochstein's Appointment


Thank you for this.

I guess you got this from FOI.

Of course he's "well qualified", didn't he just save Ida Chong's political hide?

Seems it pays to always support the Liberals no matter who is in the drivers seat

As long as he is capable of doing the proper job for British Columbia, but who decides if he is qualified, I do not know the guy from a hole in the ground. Re Ida Chong should not even be in Cabinet, a token appointment.

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