Clark promised consultation on minimum wage hike

Today, Premier Christy Clark announced her government would increase the minimum wage in three stages to $10.25 by May 1, 2012. Ms. Clark promised such an increase during the provincial Liberal leadership race. But, in the January/February edition of the British Columbia Restaurant and Food Services Association's magazine, she also "committed to consult with the BCRFA and restaurant owners about how best to implement the wage increases." So did that consultation process happen?

Well, a spokesperson for the premier's office said government did speak with those parties about the hike as part of a discussion regarding employment standards that was announced back November. Indeed, Ms. Clark's leadership campaign platform included a commitment to complete those discussions.

But, in an email to members sent just after 3:00 and obtained by Public Eye, association president Ian Tostenson also wrote he became aware of the increase "2 hours ago and tried to convince them to enact a new training wage of 8 dollars and forego one of the increases. It did not happen. Am meeting with government tomorrow and I will update further."

The following is a complete copy of Mr. Tostenson's email.


From: ian tostenson
Sent: March-16-11 3:03 PM
Subject: government annoucement

The government has just announced a change in min wage. We will be putting out a press release that says we are not surprised that they moved it (leadership platform) but we are deeply concerned as to the magnitude and timing. This will be a 30% increase in 14 months. We became aware of this 2 hours ago and tried to convince them to enact a new training wage of 8 dollars and forego one of the increases. It did not happen. Am meeting with government tomorrow and I will update further......ian


10 out 0f 10 Premier Christy. The ndp will not be happy that you stole their thunder.

According to a recent article on the BC Liberal government website: " the NDP’s proposal to increase the minimum wage would result in up to 52,000 jobs lost. The report goes on to say that “Increasing B.C.’s minimum wage to $10 per hour will have a profoundly negative effect on employment opportunities for young and low-skill workers, and will have almost no effect on those most in need of income and a job.” Only the NDP would think adding $450 million in new costs on small business, destroying over 50,000 jobs and introducing polices that will have a “profoundly negative effect on employment” would somehow “stimulate B.C.’s economy.”
I guess we should be thankful that " Only the NDP would think " instead of always just tinkering.

So at $8.75 we will still be the lowest and in the second stage still one of the lowest and then assuming none of the other provinces upgrade theirs....

You go Christy!! I am dancing a jig into St. Patty's day!

BC Chamber of Commerce says" Too much, too fast". Ten years is too fast!So go consult with the Chamber folks who complain about the poor getting a tiny raise, while they the Chamber keeps wanting big subsidies for themselves.

Is the BC restaurant Association trying to tell us that they did not raise prices during the ten years that the minimum wage did not raise?

Here is my consultation, citizens get the same as what mlas get on the recommendation of the group who suggested their salaries which is min wage at $17.50 per hour. Ida Chong should only get 1/2 of what get for 1/2 the work and spending to much on food.

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