Mayencourt makes a political comeback

Lorne Mayencourt has made a return to the provincial legislature - but this time in an unelected role. The former Vancouver-Burrard MLA has been appointed the government caucus's new outreach director. Mr. Mayencourt stepped out of provincial politics two years ago, resigning his seat to run for the federal Conservatives in Vancouver Centre. But he recently re-emerged as the ground campaign chair during Christy Clark's successful bid for the provincial Liberal leadership.


Congrats to Lorne. Wish him all the best.

Really happy to see many of the BCLib Classics come together...

These are classics?

Classics from the beginnings of the BCLibs of 2001 & 1996, Hal.

Classics without the "class".

Hal, you are the one w/o the class.

You haven't made the sacrifices Lorne Maynecourt or Christy Clark or Judith Reid or Kevin Falcon or Gordon Campbell has made.

Public service matters. Show some respect, even grudging.

How do you know? I think I will recognize class when it shows itself. Until then proving my justifiable skepticism can't get past the moderator.

Hal you could admire the fact Christy Clark ran for Premier w/o taking a salary... or admire that Lorne Maynecourt - an openly gay man - had to take on fellow gays from time to time... or admire Judith Reid for leaving the shellfish farms to serve in politics (and sadly be used by Basi-Virk)... or admire Kevin Falcon for leaving the development industry and the big bucks in it for politics.

I could go on. Most politicians in this day and age make sacrifices to serve.

Yes it is about "sacrifices to serve" . It is also about who is being served. I also dare say that not a single one of the ones you mention will have made a monetary sacrifice over their lifetime.

Okay Hal... why don't you call the "other Sean" on CKNW and one of these guests at these times at 1 (877) 399-9898:

3:30 – 4:00

3:00 – 3:30

Go ahead Hal ask one of these chaps what kind of sacrifice do politicians make... make my day you loud-mouthed, BCNDP commentator!

I mean Christy Clark sacrificed a big six-figure salary working at CKNW to be a $90,000 Premier of BC. Come on! Oh and what about the sacrifice BCNDP MLAs make as well?

Josef. The Premier makes a lot more than $90,000. Now add expenses. Her life as a open line show host were proably numbered as I don't know of very many peoiple with the screws so loose that they listen to one person rant all day on the radio. I also have no interest in talking to Alise Mills, whoever she is, or David Schreck. As for being a loud-mouthed BCNDP commentator is that as opposed to you being a "loud-mouth BC Liberal commentator." I'm just trying to provide some balance to you as the most prolific commenter here with frequently nothing more to add than some silly quip about how wonderful the BC Liberals and Christy are.

I also note that we were commenting originally on the political appointment of a former well paid MLA to another good paying post. You then started calling names because I disagree on the term sacrifice and who they really serve, I'm hardly alone in this just ask around but that you have the chutzpah to call me big-mouthed is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. You can now have the last word because my next response to you won't get past Sean. Cheers!

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