Clark explains Stilwell's exclusion from cabinet

"These were really, really tough decisions to make." That's what Premier Christy Clark said when asked why she hadn't appointed provincial Liberal leadership competitor Moira Stilwell to her executive council. "I wanted to make sure the cabinet was quite a bit smaller than it had been previously. So that meant not every incredibly talented person that's been elected is able to sit around the cabinet table." Nevertheless, Ms. Clark stressed "in my government every MLA is going to be making a very significant contribution and sitting around the cabinet table isn't going to be a prerequisite to being heard." The above is a complete recording of the news conference in which Ms. Clark made those statements - her first as premier. Dr. Stilwell has been named the government's parliamentary secretary for industry, research and innovation.


Thanks for this Sean!

Hopefully you got ahold of Min Polak...

Christy, you are off to a great start.

I can hear the strains of the The Last Post through the breeze.

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