Bloy gets battered during his first newser as minister

Before being the sole MLA to endorse winning provincial Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark, Burnaby-Lougheed legislator Harry Bloy was perhaps best known among the media for wearing his Boy Scout uniform into the legislature and taking international trips that were paid for by foreign governments and private businesses. But now that Ms. Clark is premier, Mr. Bloy - who was first elected in 2001 and been a backbencher for the past ten years - has been appointed to cabinet as the minister of social development and minister responsible for multiculturalism. Asked whether that appointment was a reward for his support, Mr. Bloy said, "Today is a day to celebrate the appointment of Christy Clark as leader and premier of the province of British Columbia." He then repeated pretty much the same answer when pressed about the issue. Things seemed to go downhill from there...


Bloy doesn't seem like the type of guy that I'd appoint to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission - that's fer sure. lol

You can tell by the ministry he got that Christy doesn't think much of his ability. But she must pay her debts.

NOt the sharpest tool in the shed, is he?

Im amased with "multiculturalism" when most of visible minorities are totally against"multiculturalism" on a live glodbe and mail discussion, do these people not read or listen.

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