Hansen reacts to being ousted from cabinet

"No truth to rumours! I look fwd to continuing to serve as Van-Quilchena MLA & any job Premier Christy Clark wants me to do." That's what provincial Liberal legislator Colin Hansen tweeted on February 28 in response to talk that he would cede his seat to Ms. Clark. But the premier announced today the job she wants him to do is that of a backbencher - having not even given Mr. Hansen one of the Clark administration's ten parliamentary secretary posts. Here's what the MLA - who recently served as minister of finance and health services during the recent Liberal leadership race - said when asked about that demotion. Mr. Hansen endorsed Kevin Falcon during the Liberal leadership race.

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All those experienced ex ministers now sitting on the backbench will be quietly gloating every time Christy or one of the new faces screws up. Hell hath no fury like a politician scorned. LOL

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