Clark hampered by Campbell administration baggage

Tomorrow, Christy Clark and her cabinet will be sworn-in. Some may see it as Ms. Clark's first opportunity to demonstrate what a government led by her will look like. But I think that opportunity won't really come unless she wins a general election. Until then, Ms. Clark's decision will continue to be fettered by the Campbell administration's baggage and the MLAs who have been carrying it. But an election win could change that.

An election win will likely mean a caucus with MLAs who support her brand of liberalism - not the one manufactured by her predecessor. An election win will mean a mandate from the people - not the insta-members who voted in the Liberal leadership race. An election win will mean an opportunity to speak to British Columbia's political future rather than being forced to address its past.

But Ms. Clark first needs to win that election. Which means tomorrow's swearing-in ceremony will be more about demonstrating whatever powers of political survival she has than whatever powers of governance she may or may not have.


Let us wait and see who gets into cabinet and give Chrity Clark a chance to prove herself! To all those who says it is undemocratic that she beccomes premier without a general election held remember this, the former NDP government(1992-2001) had a few people who become premier and run the province without having a general election.; Ones that comes to mind is former premier(s), and MLA(s), Ujjal Dosanjh(now an MP in with federal Liberal Party), and Dan Miller. They were interm premiers because Glen Clark (even Clark was frist designate premier aft he and NDP forced Mike Harcourt out) , the last person elected under the NDP under a general election, resigned before the NDP mandate ended in 2001. This is allowed under are laws, and I have no problem with it. It is fair to taxpayers politicians and voters.; When we do have a general election in 2013 or maybe sooner then we can critique the BC Liberal's government job performance and vote accordingly(and do vote).

Howler, your logic escapes me. Both Miller and Dosanjh were elected MLA's at the time. So was Glen Clark. Premiers only need to get elected in their own constituency; they do not get elected in a general election by the general electorate. Christy Clark still needs to get a seat in the legislature and that is a big difference. She got her position by the less than 50% of liberal members who voted for her. Her positions on issues is in the public domain and on record and that should make it easy to judge her actions even now but she still needs to be tested in the court of public opinion in a constituency.

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