Cummins may not seek re-election

Delta-Richmond East Tory MP John Cummins may not seek re-election. The evidence: Public Eye has learned realtor Keith Roy is "running" for the not-yet-vacant party nomination in that riding. News of the run was included in the weekly office memo for Macdonald Realty Ltd. - the company Mr. Roy is affiliated with. The memo advised fellow realtors that Delta-Richmond East "may be vacated by the Rt. Honorable (sic) John Cummins. If you live in Tsawwassen, Ladner, Steveston or East Richmond you can help (Mr. Roy) win." Asked about that report, Mr. Cummins told Public Eye, "Well, stay tuned...We're sort of moving along here you might say."

So does that mean Mr. Cummins will be making a bid for the leadership of the BC Conservatives - a rumour that has been circulating ever since he joined the provincial party's tactical advisory group last year?

"No, no, no. no," he responded. "You can't mix the two of them up here. Not at this point. I'm going to deal with one item at a time. I've got an annual general meeting here in the riding today. And I'm just going down to talk to my board now."

The following is a complete copy of a message attached to the aforementioned memo explaining how realtors can support Mr. Roy's nomination bid. Mr. Roy is also presently the spokesperson for the BC Conservatives.

Macdonald Realty Ltd. letter regarding Keith Roy

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