Bethel involved with Clark transition team

Public Eye has learned the health services assistant deputy minister John Bethel, a former federal Liberal candidate, is a member of premier-designate Christy Clark's transition team. Mr. Bethel is presently responsible for the ministry's transformation and productivity division, having been appointed to that position November 2009. Prior to that, Mr. Bethel was assistant deputy minister of the government's alternative service delivery secretariat, putting him in charge of outsourcing government operations. Mr. Bethel also has a partisan background.

As the vice-president of the federal Liberals' Alberta wing, he was one of Paul Martin's supporters during the infighting that eventually resulted in Prime Minister Jean Chretien's resignation. After Mr. Martin succeeded Mr. Chretien, Mr. Bethel unsuccessful ran as the party's handpicked candidate in Edmonton East during the 2004 election. Two years later, Mr. Bethel, the son for former parliamentarian Judy Bethel, backed Scott Brison during his failed Liberal leadership bid.

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Message to Christy Clark you must take on BC Hydro with vengance. Remove this transplant from VANOC, David Cobb he has not proven he can do the job, there must be only 3 people that make more than $100,000 the rest must be cut back by 70%. Min wage increased as the experts have stated to $17.50 per hour, the same experts that gave MLAs their current salaries of which 75% have not earned.

There is to be NO exportation of BC Hydro power until BC Hydro can provide cheap power to BC residence period.
If you cannot do it we will find people who will!

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