NDP communications help wanted

The provincial New Democrats are trying to drum up some free help to burnish their public profile. In an email distributed today, communications officer Michael Roy announced the party was looking for "experienced and energetic photographers, videographers, and communications activists in every part of British Columbia." According to Mr. Roy, those volunteers will be used to "support BC NDP campaigns, outreach, and MLA activities."


Well about time. I think THIS and THIS may be inspiration to them, now that BCLib fans are beating them. Again.

BCLiberals... where freedom beats socialism everyday.

Yup, and pigs fly.

Josef, get a life. The BC Libs are destroying this province and must be removed as soon as possible. The BC Libs have no concept of freedom. Bennett hit the nail on the head when he quite the party.

Bc Liberals do not make me think of freedom. Deceit, arrogance and corruption maybe, but not freedom.

astro, me take advice from Bill Bennett or my wing & my eyeballs? Not hard what my answer will be.

BCLibs very good on economic freedom, kinda good on political freedom but need to work more on it though.

Liberals are good on economic freedom unless you happen to be in a union job. Just ask the workers of the HEU.

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