NDP urges supporters to will their money to the party

Last year, we reported 35 percent of the provincial New Democrats' revenue in the first 10 months of 2010 came from estate gifts, totalling $724,306. Leaked notes of an earlier party executive meeting, paraphrased president Moe Sihota as saying that without those gifts "we'd be behind the eight ball." So it should comes as no surprise that, on February 19, the New Democrats' provincial council voted in favour of launching a campaign to ask supporters to write the party into their wills.


Just goes to show the BCNDP is the party of dead ideas and dead persons' entitlements. The cutting edge of 1970s & 1990s socialism... versus a repowered BCLiberal Party with cutting edge leadership in Christy Clark and hopefully Blair Lekstrom, Mary Polak, Kevin Falcon & Alise Mills.

That does NOT give the BCLibs a blank cheque, but clearly the BCNDP just cannot govern. I mean look at them since Carole James stepped down:

*Their first leadership candidate is a hard drug user
*Gender issues are being raised
*Bags of cash & memberships stapled
*Inability to respect social media privacy, a matter now before the Privacy Commissioner
*A public declaration of reliance on inheritances

Wow. That's a political party clearly in free-fall, eh?

Josef, you are being silly. I guess the Liberal party would never ask or get mentioned in someone's will. Considering the number of times the public has been hosed it is not a surprise. No liberal feels they are worthy of a bequest.

BCLiberals get enough money from the living to fund 10 BCNDPs! Enuf said!!

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