MP encouraged to run for BC Conservative leadership

"To be quite honest, my main focus, of course, is federal politics and I'm very busy with the issues I've championed over the years." That's what Delta-Richmond East MP John Cummins said early last month when the Richmond News's Ryan Ingram asked about reports suggesting he could be the next leader of the provincial Conservatives. Nevertheless, Public Eye has learned there is an organized effort to draft Mr. Cummins to run for that position. The effort has included raising money and securing potential financial backers for such an eventuality. Mr. Cummins is presently a member of the provincial party's tactical advisory group.


Anyone who checked The Tyee or Bill Tielman's blog this morning would think a BC Conservative party would be unnecessary... and quite frankly it is unnecessary to me for a different reason than their fearmongering. Mine: The BCNDP live on the split, and it's time to shut up & put up or speak up & NDP up people.

It's not like Mary Polak & Kevin Falcon are going out of cabinet... not gonna happen.

It's not like Iggy and his policy wonks are going to write the next BCLiberal Party Platform... and then merge the two parties. Nope, not as long as Kevin Falcon & Rich Coleman & Alise Mills are voices for that party.

It's not like the BCNDP are not a threat when so many vote against BCLibs and park their votes there...

What else do I need to say, really?

Cummins currently has a safe federal seat for as long as he wants it. On top of that, he earns an annual salary of $157,731.

Cummins would have to give all of that up with no seat and no salary. He would just be the equivalent of another Green party leader Jane Sterk out in the wilderness if he does decide to jump.

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