Clark says new deputy's style "meshed with mine"

Clark: "He's a guy who makes change in a big way." from Sean Holman on Vimeo.

Last week, Christy Clark announced she was replacing Allan Seckel as head of the public service with John Dyble. During her first scrum with the press gallery as premier-designate, Ms. Clark said she made that change because she wanted to have a deputy "whose style meshed with mine. And John Dyble has an enviable record in the public service. He's a guy who makes change in a big way. He's a guy who really delivers results."

Asked whether Mr. Dyble's long association with second-place leadership candidate Kevin Falcon was a factor in his appointment, Ms Clark suggested it wasn't.

But then the premier-designate made a comment that appears to run counter to our earlier analysis that Mr. Falcon would likely have been pleased by that decision: "I think for any minister to know that their deputy is moving on is always difficult right? But I think that Kevin and all the other ministers who worked with John over the years are delighted he got that promotion."


Interesting appointment! The really interesting appointments are yet to come when Christy Clark chooses her cabinet. Will Colin Hansen, one of the architects of the HST debacle, remain as Minister of Finance? Will Rich Coleman, that front man for the real estate industry, continue as Minister responsible for Housing? If this pair retain these responsibilities it will "signal" that there will be no real change in these areas.

What happens if do not like the individuals that Cristy Clark puts into Cabinet and we do not like any of the NDP?

I do not care where Christy puts him, but Rich Coleman has to be taken away from the BCLC file.

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