Greens look to support municipal candidates

Last year, we reported the provincial Greens would be looking be build momentum for the 2013 provincial election by supporting candidates in the 2011 municipal elections. At the time, party leader Jane Sterk said that support would include providing those hopefuls with policy and strategy books. And now, according to an email distributed last Friday, the Greens will also be hosting a non-partisan municipal campaign school the day before their annual general meeting, which begins on May 7. The following is a complete copy of that email.

PO Box 8088, STN Central
Victoria, BC V8W 3R7
Toll free: 1.888.473.3686
In Victoria: 250.590.4537

March 4, 2011


Thank you for following the Green Party of BC. We are writing to see if you would like to join the party so that you can participate in our 2011 Annual General Meeting (AGM).

We believe that the next provincial election is vital for both the Green Party of BC and the province. To change the legislature's culture of partisanship we need to get Greens into the legislature and to secure party status in the legislature. Green MLAs are a necessary condition for improving our democracy.

Our mission is to get a few MLAs elected in 2013 (or sooner if the new premier acts on her promise), to form the opposition in 2017, and to be a part of government in 2021. It is an ambitious goal. But achievable if we all believe it is possible, create a culture of winning, and commit to working toward getting Greens elected.

It will take hard work on our part. We need stellar candidates who believe we can win and who will recruit members and donors. Our candidates will need support teams to help canvass, expand membership, and get the Green message out throughout British Columbia.

One of the best ways you can help us create a winning culture is to attend this year's Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 7th and 8th in Burnaby. We also invite you to join our leadership team as a member of Provincial Council and to put forward resolutions for consideration at the AGM.

In addition, we are organizing a non-partisan municipal campaign school to take place on May 6th, the day before the AGM. This training event is suitable for anyone who wants to be a candidate or who is planning to work on a campaign.

Below you will find the call for nominations for Provincial Council positions and the call for resolutions.

Please note there are lots of ways to help out if you don't want to join Provincial Council. Just let us know at that you want to get involved and we'll put you to work.

At this AGM, we will be bringing forward a revised set of by-laws to replace the existing by-laws. This is being done to make the by-laws consistent with the operational structure of the party and to provide flexibility as the party grows. The proposed by-laws include changes to provincial council structure and positions. There is also a wording change to clear up ambiguity related to leadership contests.

People who join or renew lapsed memberships by April 6, 2011 will be eligible to vote for this year's nominees and resolutions. By the middle of April, members in good standing will receive in the mail a package that will include their ballot, the proposed by-laws and the list of resolutions. Members can vote for nominees to Provincial Council in person at the AGM or by mail. You must be in attendance at the AGM to vote on resolutions.

At this time, our by-laws do not allow electronic voting but we will be including that ability in the updated by-laws and it will be implemented for the 2012 AGM.


Murray Weisenberger, Chair
Jane Sterk, Leader

Call for Nominations -Provincial Council

(Note: some positions will disappear if the revised by-laws are adopted at the AGM)

At the AGM, we will be electing new members to council. Please consider working on council as part of your contribution to the Green Party of BC. To be eligible, candidates must submit the following: an email indicating the council position sought, a 200-word biographical sketch, a photo (head and shoulders, colour, high resolution), and signatures (emails are acceptable) from 25 party members in good standing who endorse your candidacy. Please submit this information to Nominations close at 5:30 PM Monday March 25, 2011.

In 2011, elections for the following two-year positions will be held:
1. Treasurer
2. Administration Chair
3. Fundraising Chair
4. Media and Communications Chair
5. Secretary
6. Director at Large (3)

Elections will also be held for these positions, to complete the remaining year of a two-year term that began at the May 2010 AGM:
7. Membership Chair
8. Publications Chair
9. Organizing Chair
10. Party Chair
11. Director at large (1)

Call for Resolutions

Resolutions must be submitted to by 5:30 PM Monday March 25, 2011.
There are three different types of resolutions party members may submit:

Constitutional Amendments

Constitutional amendments are special resolutions and as such require an affirmative vote of 75 percent or greater of votes cast to pass. Substantial changes to the "purposes" section of the constitution may trigger a re-consideration of the Green Party Political Association of British Columbia's status by the Society Branch. Constitutional amendments may not be brought to the floor of a meeting.

Bylaw Amendments

Bylaw resolutions are special resolutions and as such require an affirmative vote of 75 percent or greater of votes cast to pass. The bylaws are the governing documents of the society and written notice of proposed changes must be sent to members prior to the AGM. Bylaw amendments may not be brought to the floor of a meeting.

Amendments to Policy or Structural Rules

Ordinary resolutions require an affirmative vote of 50 percent + 1 of the votes cast to pass. This category of resolutions seeks to modify or create internal or external policies that are not in the constitution or bylaws and may include such items as amendments to party policy or the structural rules. Ordinary resolutions can be proposed at any time in the lead up to or during the Annual General Meeting, although to make it into the AGM package, you must submit these by 5:30 PM Monday March 25, 2011. If time is limited at the AGM, preference will be given to those resolutions received in advance.

All policy resolutions will be reviewed by the Research and Policy team and they will recommend approval by the membership; approval with amendments; referral to the policy team for consideration at the 2012 AGM; or rejection of the resolution. Policy resolution criteria can be found at All policy resolutions must be congruent with the 10 Green Principles.

When submitting a resolution for consideration, you should list the names of party members who support the resolution (recommended a minimum of five in addition to the author.)

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"All policy resolutions must be congruent with the 10 Green Principles."

Let's take a look at Green Principle number 6: "Gender Equality: The ethics of cooperation and understanding must replace the values of domination and control."

Well that's pretty explicit. Under the evil patriarchy it was all about men being domineering and controlling; now that women are in the driver's seat the name of the game is cooperation and understanding. Riiiight.

Just say what you really mean, Jane: Men are evil. Just say it, we'll respect you more for it.

What a contemptuous, misandrist, androphobic little hate party they've got, no wonder they aren't #winning.

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