New public service head connected to Falcon

Premier-designate Christy Clark's pick to be the new head of the provincial public service has a long-standing association with second-place Liberal leadership candidate Kevin Falcon. John Dyble was named deputy transportation minister in June 2005, back when Mr. Falcon was responsible for that department. Then, four years later, Mr. Dyble became the province's top health services bureaucrat when Mr. Falcon was put in charge of that ministry. Earlier today, the present head of the public service Allan Seckel announced March 14 would be his last day with government.

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Christy Clark even if your new and not sworn in, there is a time you have to wake up. BCTV news clip by Mylee, clearly shows that Michael Graydon does not know what is going on in the Casinos, he is cleary incompetant, how many excuses does this guy get away with, get rid of Rich Coleman he is useless on this file, send him to the backbench. Get rid of Doug Morrison, Don Merkle they know what is going on but they do not. Clean up the mess before the Casino expansion is approved or disapproved. Move the BCLC Head Quarters out of Kamloops where the majority of Casinos are, so we can keep a closer eye them. BCLC amd Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch are a series of incompetance including the Casino operators that just make up their own rules.

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