The secret behind Clark's takeover over the Liberals

Christy Clark is British Columbia's next premier because she realized the truth of the BC Liberal Party. And that truth is...there is no BC Liberal Party. To be sure, the Liberals said they had 36,000 members at the beginning of the leadership race. But most of them were bound together by little more than their opposition to the New Democrats and their willingness to pay $10 to do so - which is exactly the way Gordon Campbell probably liked it. Because if the party wasn't organized, he would be the only true power base within it.

As a result, Ms. Clark didn't need to worry about appealing to party MLAs or apparatchiks during her leadership bid because they had little control over the disorganized Liberal membership - leaving the party vulnerable to the kind of takeover executed by Ms. Clark and her supporters on Saturday evening. So having seized the Liberal brand name, the question now is what will Ms. Clark do with it?


Where did the feline vote go?

The feline vote went to Clark. She must now face the challenge of "herding cats".

I'm not quite sure what you are implying by this article. Do you suspect that the election of Christy Clark was gained by less than honest ways? Are you intimating that the Liberal brand was hijacked by Gordon Campbell, and Christy should now banish the Reformers, Conservatives and Socreds that permeate the party?

Considering that her campaign was funded by the same people as that of Gordon Campbell, is it not logical that the party will continue on the same course?

Many of your cohorts have stated time and time again that the only time the NDP wins an election is when the vote is splintered by more than one right wing party. Maybe what they should really be saying is that that the only way to defeat the NDP Party is for the others to abandon their ideals and form a coalition.

Do any of those that we get to vote for have any individual thoughts and ideals, or are they willing to park whatever it is they stand for to increase their chances of getting elected. And, by extension, do people run for office to better the lives of their constituents, or to feed their egos and do whatever it takes to achieve this?

The NDP are pissing their pants because they know that Clark can beat them.

Crankypants has asked:"Do any of those that we get to vote for have any individual thoughts and ideals, or are they willing to park whatever it is they stand for to increase their chances of getting elected?" As we have seen in Victoria for many years under Campbell, our decaying parliamentary system makes the party leader a dictator and an MLA's "thoughts and ideals" are irrelevant. If the premier wants an MLA's opinion, he'll give it to him.

I believe he is simply saying that because there was really no organized structure in place to work on behalf of any of the candidates and/or be "told what to do or who to support" it was easier for an outsider (or anyone for that matter) who was able to develop their own organization to recruit new members and ensure their new members got out and voted. Arguably, CC did that better than anyone else and she won.

I doubt the NDP are the ones doing the peeing. Falcon would have been an easier target but Christy is one the record on any number of topics. It is not very difficult to find a target when you spout off an every topic. When the gloves are off as they will be during an election, the public will see the real Christy and "Charisma without substance is dangerous" as they found our once before. This time it will be without Charisma and without substance - a whole new experience.

Sean I think it's a great editorial. Really important to set the tone. People want to do things with government, not government do things to them.

Not Moe: Thank you. They really lack civility, don't they?

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