Enviros could have a big impact on leadership race

Earlier, Public Eye told you about an effort by environmental groups to sway the results of the provincial Liberal leadership race - encouraging green-minded British Columbians to join the party so they can participate in Saturday's vote to pick Gordon Campbell's successor. But how successful was that effort? Well, organizers reckon their sign-ups account for over five percent of Liberal members in 35 ridings. They also reckon that - within those 35 ridings - there are 10 where their recruits comprise over 12 percent of members. Within that 10, there are eight where their sign-ups accounts for over 15 percent of members. That includes Victoria-Swan Lake (60 percent), Kootenay West (over 30 percent) and Saanich North and the Islands (over 25 percent).

In an earlier email, the Dogwood Initiative - one of the environmental groups that was part of that recruitment effort - stated it wouldn't be telling supporters to vote for any particular leadership candidate because it's a "non-partisan organization." But the initiative's No Tankers director Eric Swanson promised "other organizations like Conservation Voters of BC will be endorsing specific candidates." That endorsement, which was rolled out today, recommends Liberals vote for first for Mike de Jong, then George Abbott and finally Christy Clark on their preferential leadership ballot.


The thing is, on at least two issues Kevin Falcon is more green than George Abbott: Abbott is the only candidate who is in favour of tankers on the BC coast, and Abbott wants to put carbon tax to referendum, whereas Falcon is deeply proud of carbon tax initiative.

And another thing: Christy is mockingly being referred to as "Drill Baby Drill" \ Sarah Palin by Indigenous groups due to her prosperity mine stance. I don't know about de Jong's stance and in any case he is not a top 3 candidate.

A rational ranking of the candidates from Greenest to least Green would have Falcon at the top followed by either Abbott or Christy, depending on whether you think Prosperity issue bigger than tanker issue; Abbott's park policy makes him slightly greener than Christy IMHO.

Where does this leave us? Enviros - let's call a spade a spade here: pinkos - are invested in the narrative that Falcon is "hard right"; notwithstanding his fairly green platform, they rank him last. This green BS has nothing to do with the environment: a bunch of pinkos are using the environment as a Trojan Horse to stop Falcon from getting elected.

The only way to prevent this stealth takeover of the BC Liberal Party by hostile socialists is to move to an open ballot.

Neil, you're right. This ceaseless bullying of Kevin Falcon by the pinkos/socialists is very evident. In recent Tyee comment threads, some "Christy Fan" has conducted recon by fire to see just how much vitrol the left has for Kevin Falcon. It's substantial since they call him just in one thread a crook, a dictator, a "Fascist" and of course "resuscitated Mussolini". Yeah, and I wonder when Kevin Falcon will like Congresswoman Giffords speak out and make it clear the rhetoric of hate must cease... before or after he meets the full hate the BCNDP base has for him?

No wonder Bill Good warns about anti-social media... no small wonder. No small wonder why Sean has to moderate comments here...

The only bullies around here are the people who label and name call those who speak the truth - Kevin Falcon is the most right of centre candidate in this race. He draws support from the most right of centre MLA's and members. His own public statements demonstrate his "hard right" ideological foundations.

- His response to forestry workers who had lost their jobs? "Boo-hoo"
- Introduced increased fees for 'convalescent care' fees for seniors stuck on wait lists to get into long term care.
- "China really has the ultimate Kevin Falcon government structure" (Address to Lower Mainland Municipal Association, May 19 2006)
- His self-reported political heroes are Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.
- He was Minister of state for deregulation.

It's decision day. BC Liberals members will be deciding whether they want to continue with a hard right, neo-Liberal inspired government and risk the next election. Or they will read the writing on the wall and vote for someone who will have more favour with the entire populace. BC is watching.

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BC Liberals Suck | February 26, 2011 7:45 AM

So you think it's true Kevin Falcon is "a crook, a dictator, a "Fascist" and of course "resuscitated Mussolini"."?

Do you think its appropriate to use that kind of rhetoric?

Do you have any idea how your handle diminishes your credibility?

Do you realize this kind of rhetoric from your people may get a MLA & constituents shot the way some say it did Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her constituents in Tuscon, AZ... that is if you believe political rhetoric leads to violence?

You guys on the BCNDP & The Tyee need to tone it down. NOW.

Oh and BTW, Kevin Falcon to me is a cowboy if ever. But if he wins, I'll stand with him against the BCNDP hordes...

Josef or BCliberalfan if you prefer - the rheotric in BC politics does not approach what is going on in the US, no one is threatening violence, no one is "targeting" anyone. As for handles, bcliberals suck speaks to what he thinks no differently than your alter egos speak to what you think. It only diminishes credability in your mind as you disagree. the "your"people thing is bogus too - not all of us are on a "team" like you seem to think you are as you watch our politics from a far.

I have been meaning to ask you if you think that all the troubles the liberals have been having with their leadership campaign should rule them out as a governing party just as you so strongly claim the comparably minor problems the NDP have had to date prove their incompetence??? but I am sure all I get back from you is jibberish about sortees and straffing NDP talking points or letting a salvo of free market missiles loose into the ndp hoardes

Andy in Victoria,
You're fun. But calling Falcon Mussolini, a dictator, that kinda stuff means crosshairs aren't far behind. I'd rather get a little preemptive. It's one thing to target bad ideas or "sortie to stop the smear job"... another thing to target people like that.

Put differently, that Tyee site commentariat is full of personal attack after personal attack. That's the BCNDP.


KF is the closest to the business community. Generally speaking, the business community is looking to reduce costs wherever possible and efforts to protect the environment cost money, e.g. the recent decision by the proponent of Prosperity Mine to spend the extra $300 M (I believe) for a different solution for their tailings pond. (Arguably, their initial position that destroying Fish Lake was a negotiating position and the government accepted it. One could question how good a job the government does actually "negotiating" a solution with the proponent or do they too willing accept whatever the business community tells them?) Coupled with his perceived dislike of regulations (many of which are in place to address public safety and environmental stewardship concerns), it is not all that suprising to me that the Greens pegged him as the least "green" candidate.

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