Campaigns meeting to discuss PIN problem

Yesterday, we reported on an emerging controversy surrounding the mail-out of personal identification numbers to provincial Liberals. Those numbers are necessary for party members to cast their ballots during tomorrow's leadership vote. But, according to candidate Kevin Falcon, some Liberals have yet to receive them. And, as we exclusively told you, there are apparent problems with the voter help line that provides replacement PINs. So what's the latest on the story? Well, at 11:00 this morning, the leadership campaigns will be meeting with the party to discuss the issue.


Sean, some of your readers are very resourceful on Twitter.

For those w/ PIN problems tweet #BCLibPIN as your 911 message and somebody will reach out to you. Most likely a Falcon operative (sigh), but at least there is staffing and sortie generation on this issue.

Again, plz tell your readers to tweet #BCLibPIN if they have problems w/ their PIN for tomorrow.

This is all like watching a rerun of Laugh In.

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