Is de Jong the second choice for Clark supporters?

Christy Clark for Leader and Premier

Christy Clark's sole MLA endorser Harry Bloy is encouraging provincial Liberals to mark Mike de Jong as their second choice on the party's preferential leadership ballot. This, according to an email sent out by Mr. Bloy within the past hour. The above is a copy of the graphic attached to it.


This could expose a flaw in the system chosen by the party. Now that there are only four candidates and the assumption by most that deJong will be low man after first-choice ballots are counted, those that voted for the other three can choose deJong as a safe second choice, which will not hurt their choice, nor help the other two. Only those that voted for deJong will have their second choice going to one of the top three. If no winner is declared after round two, there is a distinct possibility that no one will get the needed points to claim victory. I also suspect that very few, if any, will vote for a third or fourth candidate.

Saturday's result could become nothing but a hing jury, so to speak.

I'm guessing that this is a strategy to encourage de Jong supporters to make Clark their second choice, in the same way that Abbott saying that Falcon would be his second choice might encourage Falcon supporters to make Abbott their second choice.

No Crankypants what'll happen is the few that made choice 3 & choice 4 picks will get to vote again & again. Recently I saw David Cameron fire up the Conservatives against something called AV which is very similar to what will unfold Saturday warning that voters for fringe parties will get more votes than UK Conservatives or Labour or LibDems.

According to news reports after the last special meeting coming up with this way of voting, a good number of the delegates were extremely upset that they had to mark even a second choice. And remember, this portion of the programme was overwhelmingly accepted in the vote, compared to the weighted part of the vote.

Anyway, it looks as if they have a much bigger problem to deal with. Too many voters without pin numbers. Either someone or group is playing games, or the party wasn't up to the task of setting up a proper system to handle an election by phone and via the internet.

On tonight's late news on CTV, they ran a story in which many of the Asian voters are computer illiterate and were going to vote by phone. According to the person that was being interviewed, the people manning the phones will be conducting their chores in English only, which may present a problem for those that are also English illiterate.

No matter what the outcome, the results are going to be viewed as suspect. Considering that if a winner is declared on Saturday, said winner will be annointed our new Premier, I would hope that Elections BC conducts a complete investigation into all aspects of how a winner was chosen.

Finally, I believe that the events of the last few days show that no general election should ever be held via the internet. There are just too many ways that it can be abused or just plain screwed up. If voters can't get off their butts once every few years to do their part for democracy, then they should just accept the will of those that care.

What Crankypants said... Christy was right to raise the idea, but subsequent events in her leadership race make the idea unworkable.

Yes, this is exactly like AV, but no there really is no flaw with it and lets voters express exactly their preferences for leader. IF THEY HAVE MORE THAN ONE. Forcing voters to choose a second preference is usually unnecessary, but the advantage for the party is that it actually reduces attacks and encourages a less destructive campaign.

1) There is no flaw in the system. Likely because of the Abbott/Falcon arrangements, Christy and Mike agreed to do the same.

2) Voters are free to rank more if they wish or choose a different second preference. As de Jong will probably be out first, putting him second on a CC ballot really amounts to nothing.

3) Christy's supporter subsequent preferences will only matter if she is eliminated first or second. This is unlikely, it only matters if CC supporters have a preference between Abbott and Falcon. (They should, but many may be CC or bust supporters)

4) The clear advantage of AV/preferential systems.

a) It ensures the most disliked candidate never wins as long as voters indicate this by ranking others above them. Voters do not have to worry about vote splitting.

b) Reduces negative campaigning. Candidates will promote themselves.. attacking other candidates risk offending their supporters and losing potential supporters.

c) There is nothing wrong with campaigns making cooperation arrangement, particularly if they publicly say so. In fact, it can help promote unity afterwards.

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