Liberal voter help line in need of help

Over the past week, the BC Liberal Party has been mailing out personal identification numbers that members will use to cast their ballots during Saturday's leadership vote. But what happens if that letter doesn't arrive by election day? Well, the party's Website advises Liberals to contact its voter help line. But, as of a few moments ago, no one was picking up that line and its voice mail was full. The above is a recording of our call to the number.


It would just be a hell of a lot easier if we ditched the secret ballot and made everyone's vote public.

For starters, an open ballot would make fraud virtually impossible. Online voting without a verifiable paper trail is an invitation to abuse.

Yes, I know the arguments for a secret ballot, and they're not enough. If we are to ask for a more open government then it only seems fair that we also have "open citizenship". If you vote for a party that wants to restrict white males from the workplace, as the NDP do, I should have a right to know about it.

I remember well the federal election of Jan 2006, when Liberal supporters were ashamed to admit they were Liberals publicly, and yet Paul Martin came within 10,000 votes of winning that election. We had literally millions of "secret Liberals" who almost re-elected a party widely believed to be a criminal organization. That would not have happened with an open ballot.

I suspect Christy Clark has a lot of "Trojan Horse" supporters who would have been dissuaded from having joined the party if their membership were publicly known.

If the Liberals are elected again this phone call describes exactly how they will treat the people of BC. The message might be a bit different though. It will probably be something like...."If you are a corporate CEO or member of a Chamber of Commerce please press one for assistance"...."If you are anyone else please hang up now".

I too have been wondering what the "Plan B' is if the PINs do not arrive in time. What I am wondering is why are they leaving it so late to mail them out? If there is a problem it does not leave them much time to find solutions.

At least the BC Liberal voting system is fair to the whole province unlike the NDP which is not plus they give union bosses a % of votes.

These bozos can't even run a leadership campaign. No wonder they've made such a mess of our province!

@ Not Moe - what on earth are you talking about? Have you been smoking that funny green stuff?

It appears that the BC Liberals need more than help with their "help line". They also need some help with fact checking. Today in response to a question from News1130 Kevin Falcon said "the provincial government is presently reviewing the BC Strata Act". This statement is clearly contradicted by the fact that the Housing Ministry is doing a survey in developing a few new regulations under Strata Property Act amedments made in 2009. This is not a review of the Act itself and not even the Housing Ministry's own website claims that a review of the Act is underway.

#BCLibPIN is now the unofficial hashtag on Twitter for those needing help w/ their PINs. Plz save it like you save calling 911. Thanks.

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