Government to ramp up public opinion polling

The province's public affairs bureau wants to get a better understanding of what you think. According to documents quietly posted on the government's procurement Website last week, the bureau is looking for "research professionals to supply ad hoc research support services to PAB" - including conducting telephone and online surveys, as well as focus groups. The reason: historically, the bureau has commissioned "about six research projects annually of various sizes, ranging from focus groups to province-wide polling; however (sic) anticipates that research will be more significant in the future."

The closing date to submit bids for that work is March 22.

But the bureau, in an addendum provided to potential bidders, has stated it can't extend that deadline "due to the potential of upcoming services that may be required under the Standing Offer."

That may mean government's communication arm is expecting the incoming Clark administration will do more public opinion polling and focus group testing that its predecessor.

The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned addendum.

Research consulting services addendum


What is so "quiet" about issuing an RFP?

Bite me, PAB.

That's what I think.

That's a good one Stillman.

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