Clark advisor contributed to leadership competitor

Last month, The Globe and Mail's Ian Bailey reported former Encana Corp. president and chief executive officer Gwyn Morgan had joined provincial Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark's economic advisory group. But it turns out Mr. Morgan has also contributed $5,000 to Ms. Clark's competitor George Abbott. This, according to a donation list released by Mr. Abbott earlier today. Ms. Clark isn't expected to disclose her campaign contributions until after the Liberal leadership vote is held on February 26.


Nothing wrong w/ spreading the money around... we're one team here.

Definitely one team.

The BC Liberals answer to every issue is carved in stone. Cut Corporate tax's to zero. Shift the entire tax burden to the middle classes and privatize everything and anything that smells public. These dinosaurs have no new ideas, are ethically bankrupt and lack any modicum of credibility.

BCLib answers include free markets, free trade, free speech & free elections. Plus shift taxes to consumption & carbon with rebates for the poor and keep just enuf public control to protect the public interest - nothing more.

BCLibs "ethically bankrupt"? Eyes roll. Oh and the BCNDP of Mable the Staple are...

Just enough public control to protect the public interest you say! What do they define as public interest? Make the wealthy corporations richer and then everybody benefits. What's good for General Bullmoose...! What a load.

I guess if you give all the candidates a contribution you are also saying that any of them will continue to run the ship of state on the same course as before. There is no difference between any of them. So if you want real change, you have to look elsewhere. Sounds fair to me.

Just covering all their bases so whoever gets in is beholden to them. Typical BC Lieberal posturing....

Can we please have some civility?

BCLibs brought in the carbon tax shift, saved BCFerries, let local governments submit questions for Question Period, put leg debates on video, oh and cut the taxes.

Show some respect. It's Liberal. Only 1 e.

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