Northeast power line still on government's agenda

On February 16, 2009, the Campbell administration announced "the goal of a Northeast Transmission Line will be pursued." That was the last and only time the provincial government referred to the line in a news release. But that doesn't mean it has forgotten about the project - which will power natural gas development in the northeastern British Columbia. Indeed, in its most recent letter of expectation to BC Hydro Corp., the government has directed the company to "continue to support the Shareholder in assessing and pursuing the potential for long-term economic expansion in the northeast region of British Columbia, and the ability to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions through new transmission expansions and the use of renewable, low-carbon electricity."

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Actually it isthe Northwest (not east) Transmission Line. And it is being put in to power natural resource extraction (mining) and human development...not natural gas. How would you even power natural gas development with electricity lines?

On top of that, the government has mentioned it quite often since Feb 16, 2009. Just search "northwest transmission line" within the news release section of the Govt website.

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