Simons concerned about NDP screening process

Powell-River Sunshine Coast MLA Nicholas Simons has confirmed he's uncomfortable with a request by the provincial New Democrat executive to turn over the keys to his social media accounts. As first reported by The Globe and Mail's Justine Hunter, that request is part of a confidential questionnaire that's being used to vet potential leadership candidates. But, in an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Simons - who is one of five hopefuls competing to succeed Carole James - revealed, "I have some concerns about that request - about privacy and the erosion of privacy. And I'm hoping the party makes the necessary changes so my privacy and the privacy of those who contacted me through social media is not compromised." According to Ms. Hunter, the questionnaire gives the party executive the "right to reject any candidate they deem unfit."

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I really think that BCNDP socialist anti-freedom Big Government thinking alone is worthy of YouTube parody... and being that Nick unlike I lives an alternative lifestyle & is a maverick inside the BCNDP I sure understand the fear he has. You go Nick... you're the guy the BCLibs would just assume not have to face on TV every night as the smartest guy in the debate room!

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