Clark is the insider's version of an outsider candidate

Christy Clark has dubbed herself the outsider in the race to succeed Gordon Campbell. But with less than a week left in the provincial Liberal leadership campaign, it's become something of an empty title. Even though Ms. Clark is the only non-caucus member remaining in that race...even though she only has the endorsement of a single MLA...even though the party establishment is against her, Ms. Clark has demonstrated few of the qualities that make outsider candidates so compelling.

She has remained inside her message box rather than boarding the straight talk express. She has rolled out policies that seem more gimmicky than visionary. And she appears to prefer avoiding rather than debating her competitors.

To an extent, it's the campaign of a frontrunning insider not a come-from-behind outsider - making me wonder what kind of premier Ms. Clark would be.


Christie Clark is a latter day Vander Zalm - all style, no substance. It is creepy the way she turns on the boosterism, like a small town chamber of commerce pres.and avoids the critical questions. She cannot get rid of the smirk and the smug attitude she honed when she was Minister of Family and Children. Her stint as the Minister of Ed served to show she has a long petty, nasty streak and so little depth that it is scary to contemplate her having any power. If the Liberals choose her, they will confirm for me, they are as dumb as posts.

Clark is a light weight just Zalm was.

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