BCLC admits its business is gambling not gaming

British Columbia Lottery Corp. and the provincial government have often used the term gaming as an apparent euphemism for gambling. But, when surveying members of the public about their support for such activities, the corporation has decided to stop using that term. In its latest service plan, BCLC explained that decision was made to "more accurately reflect our gambling business focus." But the change "is not anticipate to impact" the future results of such surveys.


Gaming or Gambling the new Premier must get rid of all the current Executives at BCLC and hire people who understand the gaming or gambling industry, not political appointees who severed tables in the Food Industry.

Once again Rich Coleman had to be booted out of Cabinet but this of course is up to the new Premeir but he or she is going to hear about it.

Conservative - Reformer

Thinking about the BC Conservative Party


Gaming is more appropriate for computer games, not gambling w/ money.

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