Krueger says proxy voting won't be allowed

Krueger: "No, they won't." from Sean Holman on Vimeo.

During the week prior to the provincial Liberal leadership vote, each party member will receive a personal identification number. That number will allow them to cast a ballot in that election. But will the party allow members to pass those PINs onto others who will vote on their behalf. In an interview with Public Eye on Tuesday, Kevin Kreuger - the co-chair of the Liberals' leadership vote and convention committee - said the answer to that question is no.


I'm sure that he means what he says, but how are they going to police it? Once the pin numbers have been distributed, the party will have no way of knowing what any individual may do with it. Some may even decide to bury it in their litter box.

Hey crankypants, love the post LOL.

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