Hansen grilled on historic debt, natural gas royalties

Hansen: "The debt is affordable by just about anybody's measure." from Sean Holman on Vimeo.

The latest developments in the provincial Liberal leadership race have quickly supplanted stories about yesterday's budget. But, arguably, the numbers in the budget - which includes a burgeoning debt and steeply declining natural gas royalties - may have even longer term ramifications than the results of that race. So here's Finance Minister Colin Hansen taking questions about those and other issues during yesterday's budget lockup.


I do not like the hst, but if we have to have it must be at a rate of 9%. We must cut salaries in all department, agencies and crown coporations by 50% reduction.

Only Sean Holman would do this... he's totally awesome... thank you Sean you are a great journalist.

Debt is now affordable. Funny I never heard anything like that when the NDP was in power. It was not even said when the liberals inherited surpluses from the NDP. This is newspeak liberal style because they are desperate.

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