BCLC to spend millions on computer system

British Columbia Lottery Corp. will be spending $75 million to upgrade the computer system that monitors and links their slot machines and other electronic games. The corporation quietly announced it was looking for a contractor to do that work in November 2009. According to its service plan, the procurement process is now complete, with the project being a "top corporate priority" and the "highest level of focus." The plan states the cost of the upgrade "is expected to exceed $50.0 million." But government's budget and fiscal plan is projecting the final price tag will be $25 million more.


Out of curiosity, which slot machines would these be? Does this indicate that the BCLC owns all of the slot machines at the various casinos around BC? If so, then one has to further ask whether the various casinos are really owned and operated by private entities, or are they just management companies?

Shouldn't this be going to tender?

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