Top of Mind - February 14, 2011

As we noted last week, Mike Farnworth is the only provincial New Democrat leadership candidate to have so far recruited both loyalist and dissident MLAs to his campaign. Why is that and what will it mean if that trend continues?

Mr. Farnworth has attempted to reach out to the dissidents by appointing Baker's Dozen member Norm Macdonald as campaign co-chair and stating that everyone shared responsibility for the recent internal strife within the party. The dissidents will likely continue flocking to his banner as a result of concern over what an Adrian Dix or John Horgan victory would mean for their political future. Mr. Farnworth's campaign will likely use those endorsements to frame their candidate as the only one who can unify the party. But such a scenario also increases the possibility Messrs. Dix and Horgan will punish the dissidents should they win the leadership - having no personal reason not to. And that could potentially be very disruptive for the New Democrats.

What effect has Falcon 20/20 had on provincial Liberal leadership candidate Kevin Falcon's campaign?

The third party business group has won Mr. Falcon the endorsement of 143 business leaders, placed a newspaper advertisement in support of his candidacy and signed-up an undetermined number of party members. But the group has also prompted questions about whether the former health services minister would be beholden to the business community should he become premier. And Falcon 20/20 participants have used impolitic tactics to sign-up Liberals for Mr. Falcon - such as an aborted offer to provide Joeys Restaurants managers with an IPad if they recruited 25 or more party members. Indeed, were in not for the group, the Surrey-Cloverdale MLA's campaign would have had a relatively spotless record. So, on balance, it's possible Falcon 20/20 has done more harm to Mr. Falcon than good.

Will the provincial Liberals remain united even if Christy Clark doesn't win the party's leadership?

Much ink has been spilled reporting on the possibility of federal Conservatives leaving British Columbia's governing party should Ms. Clark succeed Gordon Campbell. But what will happen if Mr. Falcon wins the leadership race? Seen by some as the premier's mini-me, a win by the former health services minister could preserve part of the hostility that existed toward the Campbell administration and, by extension, the desire for a more moderate alternative to the Liberals.


We need only to look south of the border to see the disastrous results of Falcon's ideology. The greed is good gang should look to Tunisia and Egypt to see what can happen.

It's early days in the NDP race for a leader. As for the liberals, whomever gets the job he or she will still be a clone of King Gordo

Linda, that's bizarre.

Kevin Falcon running a police state like Mubarak who BTW, his National Democratic Party is part of Socialist International w/ Canada's New Democrat Party? Really?

Er, um, NO! Kevin Falcon is a great man, a wonderful leader and a true fiscal conservative who on CKNW a while back slammed America for its reckless deficit spending. I mean... COME ON!

The Republicans claim to be fiscal conservatives too, but they cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy contributing to a massive deficit. Falcon will do the same. There is nothing fiscally conservative about privatizing BC Hydro, liquor stores, anything that brings in provincial revenue, thereby reducing the tax load on individuals. There is nothing fiscally conservative about contracting out government services and health care to the private sector where we have to pay profit on the top of cost. Falcon sees his mandate as creating wealth for business and that is an abuse of power. Politicians like Falcon forget they are elected to serve the interests of the PEOPLE of BC. It was greed that brought down the governments in Tunisia and Egypt.

Both teams are hard at it today in the Ledg. Morning session last 13 minutes. wonder how many will claim their lunch per diem? BC is in a mess and the MLA's manage to squeeze in such a small amount of time. Oops off to lunch.

Linda, thank you for the BCNDP talking points. They're always comical...

"creating wealth for business and that is an abuse of power"... so who creates the jobs? Who?

At least Christy Clark can be a moderate. Oh and listen & kick butt at the same time.

At least Kevin Falcon understands wealth creation and infrastructure building and keeping BC Ferries on the path Judith Reid left the shellfish fields to save it. Kevin Falcon also has many constructive criticisms of America - and a professed love of single-payer health care.

Linda, thanks so much for reminding all of us how BCNDP sounds... Kevin Falcon a dictator? NO. Stop lying about Mr. Falcon, please!

Well stated Linda. Anyone who criticizes the U.S. for being too left must be so far right as to be off the map. "America's reckless deficit spending" has not been spending at all unless you refer to defence spending. All the rest is reckless tax cuts for the already filthy rich. Falcon, critical of that, does not mean he is not a Mubarek. It means he, as a "fiscal conservative" sees the U.S. financial problems through tinted conservative glasses.

Linda, I really think you're lying about Kevin Falcon. I also find it deplorable to compare him to Hosini Mubarak.

FYI, Socialist International terminated Mubarak's National Democratic Party membership in January 2011.

Thank you David.

Yes Josef K, Mubarak was head of Egypt's NDP until his recent resignation. But Kevin Falcon's understanding of wealth creation is pretty much the same as the understanding of Gordon Campbell, Rich Coleman and the other sycophants of the real estate industry who run the provincial government. This does not make him a "great man", quite the opposite.

So if Kevin Falcon ain't "a great man" as Josef suggests, is that lying, which he accuses Linda of doing by calling Falcon a dictator?

Oh please.

Kevin Falcon is a great man. Kevin Falcon cut the red tape, helped build the Kicking Pass Bridge, reengaged the process for the Golden Ears Bridge, cut the taxe$, continued the BCFerries reforms his predecessor Judith Reid started, did start to reform health care to bend the curve on cost and oh, BTW is seen as a hero in the BCRail situation.

WTF you must be saying Advocate, Hal?

Try according to Alex Tsugumis, "he was the only Minister who when he was told the Roberts Bank transaction was tainted (Bruce Clark was given the RFP draft by Dave Basi) Falcon immediately canceled the whole thing".

Kevin Falcon is a man of morality, a great man and a man that sadly too many misunderstand. Now he should go on Public Eye Online and have a lot of run - especially if Christy Clark can't be bothered to appear on smart radio!

Pity Josef K can't cast his vote from Washington where they might think he's great as they don't have to live with him..

Farnworth must be short of support to want Macdonald as co-chair of his campaign. Macdonald now lives in downtown Victoria full time having deserted his Kootenay riding and having rented out his constituency home for the past 18 months.

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