Clark tries to turn Abbott's attacks into a virtue

Provincial Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark has gone on the attack against competitor George Abbott's attacks. In an email sent last night, "Team Christy Volunteer" and former CTV News Vancouver anchor Pamela Martin urged supporters to, "stand up against negative campaigning" by calling on Mr. Abbott to "end his attack-a-day campaign strategy. Phone: 1-877-453-0645 or email" The following is a complete copy of that email, which was obtained by Public Eye.

From: Pamela Martin
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2011 11:23
Subject: Your choice: Families First or Negative Campaigning


The last couple of days have told us a lot about the state of the campaign for leader of the BC Liberal Party.

On one hand, Christy Clark outlined her "Families First" plan for BC. It's a positive agenda and you can view it here.

On the other hand, George Abbott keeps sending out more negative attacks against Christy.

Sadly, it's a pattern. It seems like every day brings more negative campaigning.

He sent out an attack press release directly quoting NDP leadership candidate Adrian Dix. Why would he think it's a good idea to quote our political opponents?

His campaign set up an anonymous attack website against Christy and it's reported in the Toronto Star that he's flying out strategists from the same company connected to the controversy to help run the campaign.

And now you may have received a letter in your mailbox that attacks Christy again.
We need to unite and win the next election, not engage in negative campaigning.

Like many of you, I joined the BC Liberal Party because I want a strong British Columbia, anchored by a vibrant economy. These type of negative attacks work against us.

In fact, one of B.C.'s political columnists said recently: "The NDP should send Abbott a thank-you card."

I'm asking you to do two things today:

Get the facts -These negative attacks are misguided and misleading. You can get the facts here.

Stand up against negative campaigning. Let's focus on winning the next election! Call or write to tell him to end his attack-a-day campaign strategy. Phone: 1-877-453-0645 or email

He's right about one thing - there is a clear choice. I hope you'll stand with me in realizing the NDP has to be stopped and we can only do it with someone who can offer real change.

I am one of the thousands of people who joined a party for the first time in this Leadership race. Come on George - let's not turn people off with mud-slinging.

Best regards,

Pamela Martin
Team Christy Volunteer

PS: To learn more about Christy's Families First vision, please click here to watch the video.

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