Could the Liberals' online leadership vote be scrapped?

Since last week, there have been growing questions surrounding the integrity of the provincial Liberal membership sign-up process. So are the leadership campaigns, along with party representatives, meeting to discuss those questions later today? If so, is it possible there will be a call to have leadership votes cast in-person rather than online or over the phone? Inquiring minds want to know.


There has been a lot of talk about changing how we elect our governance. Many have proposed that elections should be conducted by the usual polling station system combined with online voting in order to possibly entice more people to excercise their franchise.

Although we can buy merchandise from online retailers, file our income tax returns and conduct our banking online with a reasonable expectation of doing so safely and securely, I have some reservations when it comes to allowing one to vote by this method.

I worked at a polling station during the last provincial election, in 2009, and proving one's identification was of the uppermost importance. Having a paper trail, a physical ballot, is also very important. It does not identify who voted for who, but in the case of a contested result, it offers physical proof that can be accessed until such time as it is deemed to be of no use.

Voting by phone or online offers too many opportunities for abuse or even criminality. In theory, a voter would be given a PIN NUMBER to authorize him/her the right to vote. PIN NUMBERS may work well for certain applications such as banking because nobody is likely to divulge their ID for fear of identity theft and the chance that they will have their accounts drained. When it comes to voting, many people would not be so caring. How many registered voters that never vote would be willing to sell their PIN information? How many families, that have multiple registered voters in their household, would just let one member of their family do all the voting?

I also believe that whoever wins the race to replace Gordon Campbell as the leader of the BC Liberal Party, he or she should not be automatically annointed our new Premier. Only the populace, at large, has the right to determine who their political leader will be. Anything less diminishes the myth that we reside in a democracy.

I agree w/ Crankypants... drop that writ in September and bring on whatever is left of the BCNDP!


Obviously if they can't manage to control the integrity of the sign-up portion of the campaign, they are not ready for online voting. They sure seem to be missing Gordo, all this blundering around is amusing.

Whatever flaws there were in the NDP race when it started they pale against the shenanigans of this lot. They all must have learned from how Campbell got his leadership. Yep, what I hear on the street by September the NDP will be ready and so will the voter.

Hal, we'll see about that... game on!

Josef, but at least I have a vote, you don't.

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