No food labelling law promise from leadership hopefuls

In March, American lawmakers boldly passed legislation requiring restaurant chains with 20 or more outlets to put calorie counts on their menus. But when asked by the British Columbia Restaurant and Food Services Association about their position on "labelling/product content," Liberal leadership candidates weren't nearly as courageous. According to interviews published in the industry group's magazine, Christy Clark wants to "consult with industry to see how we can work together to promote healthy behaviour." George Abbott meanwhile would work to "ensure that solutions are balanced and cause minimal disruption." As for Mike de Jong, his "preference is a voluntary program" - something Kevin Falcon says is already being worked on. Those answers come just a year after The Vancouver Sun published a seven-part series investigating the lack of food labelling laws in British Columbia.

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On the first step is to ban all food products coming in from China, this is where the real problem is, but the Liberals are blind.

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