Road congestion getting in the way of rail traffic

Road congestion in the Lower Mainland is literally getting in the way of the province's rail traffic. And, according to the railway industry, that's a problem the provincial government needs to address. In an interview with Public Eye, Railway Association of Canada government relations director Dan Rogers said his group is now lobbying the government to build more grade separations - the tunnels and bridges that allow rail lines to pass under or over a road.

"The congestion in B.C. is growing by leaps and bounds but the infrastructure on the rails isn't matching. So, basically, you're getting slower rail times," he said. "If we continue at the rate we are, we're going to come to a standstill."

As a result, Mr. Rogers said the government "should be looking at some grade separation to allow the considerable freight traffic that has increased with the development of the Pacific Gateway to sort of move through unencumbered."

Mr. Rogers said his association doesn't have a price estimate for how much those new bridges and tunnels would cost.

Instead, he explained, "At this stage, it's really about getting buy-in from government in B.C. and elsewhere - just on the importance of rail and just making sure that as governments plan their infrastructure that this is sort of top of mind."


Something seems disingenuous about this supposed scenario. Vehicle traffic has to stop and wait for train traffic, is this not so? Increased train and truck traffic is likely, even certain, in the future. Trucks are the vehicles that will be slowed down, not trains. Of course, there will be an increase in level crossing incidents and that will stop all traffic periodically for short periods of time. Trains are the efficient way to move freight, not trucks. I my opinion, the rail companies need to be compelled to make it more attractive to move small tonnages of freight short distances and reduce our reliance on 7 axle trucks.

It is the railways themselves that should be paying for these overpasses and tunnels at every crossing, they after all received the right of way from the government of canada and made billions on real estate sales, buck up railways especially CN and the CPR

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