Top of Mind - February 6, 2011

What will happen if Liberals reject the party's weighted voting system?

George Abbott has admitted his chances of succeeding Gordon Campbell are "slim" under a one-member, one-vote system. But the Liberals could also alienate rural members if they reject the weighted voting system proposed by their provincial executive executive. In doing so, the party may trigger the creation of a political alternative bent on making the voice of the heartland heard in Victoria - an idea earlier floated by independent legislator Bill Bennett.

What effect will environmentalists have on the provincial Liberal leadership race?

Last week, we reported six environmental groups are encouraging green-minded British Columbians to temporarily become Liberals so they can sway they results of the party's leadership race. Those groups are specifically targeting supporters living in ridings where there's a low number of Liberals - increasing the power of their vote under the party's proposed weighted voting system. As a result, this could become another argument for those looking to reject that proposal at a special convention being held this coming weekend in Vancouver.

Will Mr. Abbott's sharp-elbowed announcements affect his chances of winning the Liberal leadership race?

It was once thought Mr. Abbott would be the race's compromise candidate - the most palatable choice for Liberals who can't stomach voting for the extremes represented by competitors Christy Clark and Kevin Falcon. But, earlier this month, Mr. Abbott embarrassed leadership hopeful Mike de Jong by calling for an independent review of the controversial settlement that brought the Basi-Virk trial to an end - a deal Mr. de Jong was the public face of. And now Mr. Abbott is raising questions about Ms. Clark's membership sign-up practices. So will these boat-rocking announcements make some Liberals feel queasy about voting for him? Possibly.


Recently there was an article about Liberal riding memberships and their proposed weighted voting system. I do not remember who wrote it (Vaughn Palmer, maybe) or when it appeared or where it appeared. It pointed out that the downtown East side was a riding that competes with all others on having the fewest Liberal members. The point was there is very little urban/rural bias in the number of Liberal members in the ridings. A change to a weighted voting system will change the Liberal/NDP riding bias more than the rural/urban bias.

Possibly my six o'clock Sean. I understand Abbott's ties to Rob Ford are also coming out in the fallout from last week's questionable quip about Christy and the set-up of one Christy Clark. Try most certainly queasy and in search of a de Jong. A Premier George Abbott? Is it Halloween yet!?!

I also want to advise that if a certain campaign again drops the N-bomb on another certain campaign, they too could end up going down the same hole. The idea is BCLibs prefer a clean game, BCNDP love to play dirty with each other & with the free marketeers that oppose them.

I think there is going to be a lot of nasty stuff over who is signed up to be BC liberals. You can`t really trust any of the leadership candidates.

According to today's news on the shenanigans around the Liberal leadership race Josef K might want to get cut down on his sanctimony about Christy Clark. It appears that the liberal race has even more flaws and back biting than the NDP race. It is fun to watch them liberals now go at each other.

Frankly I do not give a dam how they do their Vote, just come up with best person to the job of Premier.

But suppose the best person for the job isn't even running in the Liberal Party contest?

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