Public Eye Survey - January 28, 2011 results

Public Eye Survey - January 28, 2011

Former finance minister Carole Taylor was the individual Public Eye readers most wanted to see run for the provincial Liberal leadership but didn't, according to our most recent survey. Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts was also a popular should-have ran. But 21.7 percent of the survey's 323 respondents also favoured independent MLAs Bill Bennett and Blair Lekstrom.


If you had Alise Mills in there, you'd have a lot of lobbying from Twitter & comments and a very different poll result :-).

Mary Polak, perhaps not so much. I hear only the flyboys like her...

If you had you in there, no contest. You'd win.


Rich Coleman you have to be kidding, majority want the man out of Caucas for the BCLC mess and other issues like Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch a dysfunctional group they go after the wrong people!

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