Clark cat story secret out of the bag

Clark cat story secret out of the bag

Today, The Globe and Mail's Justine Hunter broke the news that a cat belonging to one of provincial Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark's senior volunteers was signed-up to be party member. That story is now being used by competitor George Abbott to raise "key questions" about the practices of Ms. Clark's team. And there's now even a Website mocking Ms. Clark's feline support - But what's fascinating is the domain name for that site was anonymously registered on February 1 - three days before the incident became news.


Good find Sean. Clearly this was a set-up... by Abbott's people. Good find.

It was a set-up by George Abbott? Sounds like you must be one of them tea party wingnuts. I mean how else would you come up with such a silly comment. Out of the whole bunch George Abbott is probably the most decent in the sense of being a human being. I wouldn't vote for him but heis still a better choice than Christy's mouth.

Hal, you're BCNDP so you're not following last week of developments in BCLib Leadership Race...

Shocking! Not just kitties but rat-ffffing in the BC Liberals! Ha-ha!

I can't understand why anyone would sign up his or her cat to vote for a candidate. Cats don't take orders from humans.

Bill, just remember we're the guys who kept Carole James alive one more weekend by some hacking...

There's also an online store by this clown that is being used to workaround campaign finance regulations. Rumour is high that it's Team Abbott.

Sean, with your hard-nosed investigative reporting, I'm surprised that you did not investigate any potential link with the "Draft Ranger the Cat" for Lib leader campaign, which currently has 560 "likes" and Ranger's supporter's 2nd ballot preferences for Christy.

Just follow the money - Purina Cat Chow endorsements could be just around the corner in this ever curious feline influence within the Lib leadership campaign:

1. Ranger the Cat;
2. Olympia the Cat;
3. Kitties4Christie;
4. Christy;

Isn't this how Campbell, a Socred, got the leadership of the BC Liberals? They signed up cats, dead people, and dogs and then voted for online voting. Hearing any criticism on leadership selection from this bunch is really rich.

Hal - link please. Proof please.

Sean, CTV BC is on the case, good QB play here Sean, CTV got the pass and apparently is running with the ball downfield! You da man!

This is the latest development in this crisis, Sean. Great work you have done here... nicely done.

Also nice to be right who did this crime to the BCLiberals. I'm sure a link back to your story of Team Ford's hiring by Team Abbott seems classy to do. The comments are most interesting...

Josef K. It isn't any more believable because of repetition. Proof please!

Hal, this is a corrected link to a YouTube of the CTV expose of the Abbott campaign. Hal, I think you need to show proof that Campbell is a Socred & signed up "cats, dead people, and dogs".

Josef, how does that video from CTV expose anything. Abbott and others (check out David Schreks blog) have been saying for some time now that the liberal sign up process was open to fruad. that the late cut off would mean little or no scrutiny of new members, making cats ect voting a real possibilty. Mybe you were too busy claiming that NDP signup issues were proof enough of their unworthyness for government, but to suggest that no one warned that this could happen is plain wrong.

The link to the ford campaign is pretty weak sauce too. I know that you are a free to post what ever you want on youtube or here, but sometimes I wonder if you really think you are helping your favorite of the leat there were no sortees in this latest video. I find you blowing up your plitical enemies a bit much

Josef K. Only someone who lives south of the 49th wouldn't know Campbell's political origins going back to when he was Mayor of Vancouver. I have spoken to true liberals who were at the convention when this stuff happened. You really should concentrate on the Tea Party over there.

Andy... the video exposes Abbott's campaign as outta control. Serious Qs now can George Abbott handle a much bigger bureaucracy... can George Abbott pick better friends than Rob Ford... can George Abbott handle a crisis...

In the post-Tusceon era I think its important to make clear in political videos explosions and outbursts are at policies and prickly acts, not persons. Full stop.

Hal is crazy if he thinks furry felines can vote in person at a convention... perhaps Canada needs a squadron of ex-US Navy F-14 Tomcats and they can vote BCLiberal as Christycats, fully loaded and really drive Hal & Andy nutzoid! Just kidding...

Andy, I know David Shreck warned about this. That said, the BCNDP bags of cash & memberships is just part of their problems when I pointed out in a recent call to C-FAX what Alise Mills did on CKNW that they need to change their tone from "extremely negative" and have a new core narrative.

Hal, no link no response.

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