Enviro endorsement could cut both ways in Liberal race

An attempt by environmental groups to sway the result of the provincial Liberal leadership race could have significant consequences whichever candidate the community endorses. Earlier, we reported Organizing for Change and the Dogwood Initiative are encouraging supporters to become, at least temporarily, members of that party. Neither organization is endorsing a specific candidate. In fact, the Dogwood Initiative says it can't because it's a non-partisan organization. But the environmental community's preference will be signalled by other groups such as Conservation Voters of BC. If the environmentalists are successful in recruiting and then mobilizing a large number of new party members, that could be good news for whichever candidate is endorsed. But it could also be bad news, if the endorsee comes to be seen as a cat's paw for environmentalists - representing an effort by the community to takeover the party. And that bad news becomes even worse if the the environmentalists' recruitment drive only signs-up a small number of Liberals.


The Dogwood Initiative is viewed as a more aggressive leftist type of organization and I can't see most people supporting them opting for a Lib membership.

I certainly doubt that any Lib leadership candidate will jump aboard their "No Tanker" campaign either.

OTOH, the Conservation Voters of BC is a more moderate org. and George Abbott was the only Lib candidate that they endorsed during the 2005 election campaign.

This is pretty much the stupidest campaign I've seen ever. There is absolutely no guarantee that by becoming a BC Liberal member individuals will be able to stop Enbridge, or have any impact on tanker traffic, or the environment, for that matter.

They are actually specifically targeting individuals who live in certain ridings where they have determined there are more Dogwood Initiative supporters than BC Liberal voters (at least from the last election's stats). They're sending them e-mails trying to convince these people to join the BC Liberal party.

I'm not sure what brainiac came up with this campaign, but it's offensive and idiotic and will not work.


Actually, a position in support of a federal ban on north coast oil tankers could be a uniting position within the Liberal Party given that polling shows that support for such a ban crosses the political spectrum at the federal level. That is, likely federal Conservative voters are nearly as likely (within the margin of error) as federal Liberal voters to support an oil tanker ban.

AND given the fact that Enbridge - the most prominent pipeline/tanker proponent - has failed to secure firm commercial support for their project, such that many financial analysts and commentators view the project as 'dead', a Liberal candidate who comes on side with majority of British Columbians in supporting a tanker ban isn't even being anti-business.

Plus there's the added benefit that taking this populist position would have in a general election for the leadership race winner.

In response to the leftist type organization - Dogwood doesn't generally subscribe to left and right, we subscribe to bringing people to power, helping in the assertion of local control, and getting things done. Everyone's welcome.

In just over 24 hours we had over 700 people join the Liberal Party in response to our action.

1 hour left to help. Go here: http://www.dogwoodinitiative.org/notankers/actions/how-many

Eric, thank you in advance for the blood of warriors on your organization's hands when the next war over oil or power struggle partially funded by oil bucks is waged in the Middle East or Sudan or Venezuela. That's why ethical oil.

Im totally against any of these enviormental groups being involved and will not vote for any of their candidates

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