Restaurateurs serve up leadership interviews

In November, British Columbia Restaurant and Foodservices Association president and chief executive officer Ian Tostenson speculated he might run for the provincial Liberal leadership. That didn't happen. But his association is encouraging its members to participate in the race as voters, featuring a series of exclusive interviews with the candidates in the latest edition of its magazine. George Abbott provided the most verbose responses - stretching over two pages. Meanwhile, Moira Stilwell responses weren't featured because of "constraints on her time." Nevertheless, according to the magazine, "Moira has great respect for the industry and the people who work in it and if elected will ensure that the industries concerns are taken into consideration."

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Perhaps there are some restaurants that would be interested to interview NDP candidates. Many working class supporters of the NDP enjoy a reasonable standard of living, not so much less than middle income, entrepreneurial Liberal diners. When it comes to the people who actually work in the restaurants, I'm sure they'll be really interested to know what the candidate's opinions are on the minimum wage in BC.

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