Heed's teaching received high marks at Douglas College

Yesterday, The Province's Michael Smyth revealed embattled provincial Liberal legislator Kash Heed is teaching criminology at Simon Fraser University. In a news release that appears to have now been removed from party's Website, the New Democrats claimed it was hypocritical for Mr. Heed to be doing so, given the controversy surrounding his 2009 election campaign. Nevertheless, from a pedagogical standpoint, the university appears to have made the right decision in hiring the former solicitor general. According to reviews posted on the Website Rate My Professors, the students he taught at Douglas College five years ago were big fans. "The best teacher ever," read one review, with another adding, "Very fun and Interesting. Never a boring moment. Very easy marker. Words can not describe this prof. Take him if u get a chance, it will be privilege!!!!!!"


Great journalism Sean! Too many people didn't know about this... fun stuff.

I wonder if anyone told Andrew Petter that Kash was working there part time?

I thought the whole purpose of the MLA and cabinet pay raises was to have full-time MLAs? Why then is Heed double dipping?

pkier, notice how the legislature isn't exactly full-time?

piker, notice how Kash Heed is probably on the way out?

piker, notice how good Kash Heed is in the classroom?

Off hot.

Joseph, you are full of useless twaddle. Let me quote you from the MLA compensation report.

We were struck too by the number of MLAs who stated that they had no idea of the demanding nature of the job until they were actually elected, notwithstanding that many had prior experience on the fringes of politics or in public service. In particular, they had no appreciation of the extent of the time commitment involved in fully discharging what they perceived to be their duties as an MLA, with estimates of the workweek ranging from a low of 50 hours, in a few cases, to 65-75 hours, and in excess of that for cabinet ministers. For those whose ridings are located outside a 50 km radius of Victoria , there is substantial additional travel time added to this commitment.

Kash Heed is still the elected representative for Vancouver - Fraserview, and still has responsibilities to his constituents. If he is not serving the needs of constituents, and instead bolstering his pocket book, and double dipping on pension eligibility, he should have resigned as MLA.

This has nothing to do with Mr. Heed's teaching ability. It has everything to do with his integrity (or lack thereof), and of the caucus leadership who permitted him to take on a part-time job.

Sure piker. Personally, I'd like to see how come March the new BCLib leader will deal w/ this crisis...

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