Board appointment could earn Hochstein over $50,000

Earlier, we were the first to report on the provincial government's controversial decision to appoint Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of British Columbia president Philip Hochstein to Port Metro Vancouver's board. So how much will Mr. Hochstein, a key Campbell administration ally, be making in that position? Well, last year, those who served a full-year on the authority's board - excluding the chair - earned between $44,000 and $54,000. That compensation includes a $500 per committee meeting fee, a $1,000 per regular board meeting fee and a minimum annual retainer of $15,000. The following is a complete copy of the compensation structure.

Compensation Outline

The directors of Vancouver Fraser Port Authority are entitled to receive an annual fee for acting as a director on the Board and as a Chair for each committee served, plus a fee for each Board and committee meeting attended. The fees are outlined in the table below. In addition, directors are reimbursed for travel and other expenses incurred for attendance at Board, committee meetings, and other approved activities on behalf of the Board.

Regular Board service:

Annual Chair retainer $100,000
Annual Vice Chair retainer $22,000
Annual Member retainer $15,000
Meeting fee $1,000

Committee service:

Annual Audit Chair retainer $7,000
Annual Chair retainer $5,000
Meeting fee $500

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If you're willing to do almost anything to support the BC Liberals, then you will be rewarded. Philip Hochstein played a big role in scaring the seniors in Oak Bay that if they signed the recall petition against Chong, they would be kicked off the island. It's not what you know, it's who you know in BC politics.

Guy in Victoria

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