Falcon 20/20 won't have to disclose finances

The business community's strong public backing for provincial Liberal leadership candidate Kevin Falcon is exposing what appears to be a gap in the province's political campaign finance law. That law requires leadership campaigns to publicly disclose their contributions and expenses, filing a report with Elections British Columbia. But third party groups - such as Falcon 20/20, which is being led by real estate developer Ryan Beedie - have no such requirement during party leadership contests. Falcon 20/20 recently took out a full-page advertisement in The Vancouver Sun in support of Mr. Falcon. It has also rolled out the names of more than 100 business leaders who are backing the former health services minister's leadership bid. The following is a complete copy of that advertisement.


Thank you for this. I hope PublicEye will endorse a BC Lib leadership campaign.

I also would be disgusted but unsurprised if some purple & silver ads disappeared from your website thanks to your integrity... hopefully this does NOT happen.

I am curious as to why they would do this. Are there not more effective ways to reach those who will be casting votes for the leadership of the Liberal party? I would think that this action carries some significant risks.

I also cannot help but think that if KF is chosen as the leader of the Liberal party that this is going to adversely affect the public's perception of him. It would reinforce people's perceptions that he is too closely aligned with big business interests (I recognize that to some extent that is a given given that he is a member of the Lib party but, as evidenced by the 20/20 group's preference for KF, some are more closely aligned with these interests than others) and that he is all too willing to take advantage of shortcomings in the campaign financing rules (reflects poorly on his ethics).

I wonder if one believes that one of the Libs Achilles heels is being too close to business interests (and that the Libs will therefore make decisions that benefit business at the expense of what's best for taxpayers and the public) that this action wil totally reinforce that and make people thgink twice about voting for the Libs, even more so if KF is the leader.

I am sure Honourable Mr. Falcon will be transparent and reveal the names and amounts of who is donating to this fund bearing his name and supporting him in this race.

I admit I am surprised they don't have to do so by law.

Is there a limit on how much they can spend?

I am not sure why they would do this. Are there not better ways to reach their target audience (i.e. Liberal party members who will be voting on a new leader) that carry less risks than this approach?

I cannot help but wonder that this will reflect negatively on KF in the eyes of the voters, i.e. he is too closely associated with big business (and if chosen as leader he may make decisions that benefit business rather than taxpayers and the public; more so than other candidates because he is the preferred candidate of business interests) and also call his ethics into question (apparently condoning third party funding for his leadership bid that takes advantage of a gap in the campaign financing laws).

Typical of a BC Liberal politician. Lots of talk about being honest & transparent BUT at the same time, they'll do almost anything that is not in the "official rules".

Guy in Victoria

My apologies for the double post. I seem to have problems signing in on this site.

1) This ad and all the business support for Mr. Falcon just shows how Mr. Falcon can polarize as much as some talkback show hosts - yes, hosts - can polarize to make a buck.

2) I find it sad that we BCLibs need to snipe at each other here. Get along, BCLibs... I know some of us like I wanted Mary Polak or Alise Mills, but I back Christy to broaden the base not shrink it plus to fight the bullies in our midst. The enemy is the socialist barbarians at the gate currently fracturing and infighting and making YouTube fodder. The enemy is the bullies who bullied Sean Leslie into yanking my good friend and Falcon ace Alise Mills off of Mr. Leslie's Saturday show for the month. Those who oppose freedom, to be quite blunt, are the enemy of the forces of liberty. Let us focus our fury on them - especially the bullies in our midst working to slience voices of freedom. We have a job to do, let's get on with it.

This morning, the Globe and Mail rightfully chatted up this morning that, "as for Christy and the BC NDP....if she could, she would eat those gol darned "socialists" for dinner, leaving Adrian Dix for desert." Let's remember the socialists want to strip economic and political freedom, and all the BCLibs want to do is help everyone get rich, end poverty and party!

It is becoming more and more obvious that Kevin Falcon owes much to real estate developers and, if given power, he would be eager to do their bidding at the expense of consumers and the public interest.

The funniest quote of the day must be "Let's remember the socialists want to strip economic and political freedom, and all the BCLibs want to do is help everyone get rich, end poverty and party!" I'm going to use that at coffee tomorrow just to get a belly laugh from the gang. Then providing a link of Josef k. debating with Gary Mason as though that represents anything other than liberal spin is really a hoot.

Advocate: Kevin Falcon has some developer parts in his resume. That's okay...

Hal: I will love watching you BCNDP react!

Hal, I find the funniest quote to be the tiny phrase "we BCLibs"....this from an American that can't even vote in BC! Too funny...
Back Christy all you want Josef...too bad (for you)you're not eligible to vote for her.

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