Clark campaign's news release follies

Clark campaign's news release follies

Yesterday, we noted the shallowness of some of provincial Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark's policy proposals. So, conveniently, the candidate's campaign provided another example of that shallowness a few hours later. "As Premier, Clark Would Build B.C.'s Energy Advantage," read the headline of the on-leave CKNW broadcaster's latest news release. But that release, for the most part, was just a pledge by Ms. Clark to continue the Campbell administration's present energy and petroleum resource policies and programs - one of which the campaign misspelled. "In addition to existing consultations that are already underway, Clark will be looking to ensure that (sic): That the Innovation (sic) Clean Energy Fund continues through the next fiscal year," the release stated. Of course, those involved in the sector better know it as the Innovative Clean Energy Fund.


I guess that ad with the photocopier in it has a ring of truth after all.

Ida Chong endorsement is not important,even if she is not recalled she will not be re-elected, even 20% or 30% of the riding is not happy this is not good for any Candidate regardless if they are NDP,Liberal or BC Conservative, oh is the green party still a live. If the Liberal elect a smart Premier, he or she would be advised to move this Minister to the back bench. What does a Science and Universites Minister do, is she the reason that foreign students from HK and China are taking up space in our colleges and universities at the expensive of asian and mainstream canadians.

You can start by getting rid of this CEO from VANOC and the BC Hydro Board member who is selling our excess power to the USA.

BC'ers do not need another 'copy' of Campbell. We've been (BC)rail roaded enough, time to think outside. Where are the BC political party's that are not the Liberals or NDP or Green or Commies.

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