Public Eye Survey - January 28, 2011 question

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No "none of the above" category?

Just what I was far as I'm concerned any one of the above would be equally bad for the province...but then..that's just how I feel about this group of opportunistic neo-liberal, free market, pro pro-privatisation politicians. Give me some good old time socialism...

I agree with the first commentator. None of the above. ArghhHHH!

I want Mary Polak, Alise Mills and Judith Reid on the ballot please!

None of the above... give me a break. The free market forces have created not destroyed wealth to help cure poverty. Let us remember that Hosini Mubarak has a party that is member with... Socialist International and guess who else is a member? The Canadian New Democrat Party. Yes, no kidding. I did not make this up.

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