Key Liberal ally receives patronage appointment

The Campbell administration has appointed one of its closest political allies to Port Metro Vancouver's board. According to an information bulletin quietly posted on the government's Website earlier today but not distributed to the media, Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of British Columbia president Philip Hochstein has been given a seat on that board. Mr. Hochstein's association represents non-unionized contractors and has donated $60,160 to the provincial Liberals between 2005 and 2009. It has also been responsible for third party advertising campaigns that have aligned with the interests of the party and the government. Mr. Hochstein's appointment will expire on February 28, 2014. Port Metro Vancouver is responsible for the operation and development of the assets and jurisdictions of the combined former Fraser River Port Authority, North Fraser Port Authority and Vancouver Port Authority.


The pay offs continue.

Typical BC Liberal corruption. We will likely see more of these patronage appointments as we move closer to the Provincial election.

How is this "corruption"?

Many governments give board positions to their allies, it's standard fare. I'm sure Advocate agrees.

The BCNDP will happily give union bosses safe seats to run in and if they take gov't they get key ministries. That's sleaze and patronage at its finest. Read "Barbarians in the Garden City" for a full brief.

Patronage appointments are part of the problem with any government no matter who makes them.

Josef K, what are you talking about? Could you give us a name of a union boss unelected who got a Ministry? Could you give us a name of a union boss who got a safe seat to run in and did not go through a candidate selection process?

Now if Babarians's In The Garden City is your source of information I can understand it but give us names please! Do some investigation before you write trash, please!

He fully deserves this position. Other big union bosses are just greedy pigs.

Hi Sean,

It's difficult to imagine Lara Dauphinee staying on in the premier's office after Gordo departs.

So do you have news to report on (a) whether she has left her position as a Deputy Chief of Staff + Executive Assistant to Gordon Campbell ... that is to say, "the premier"? and (b) if she has departed, what her new appointment is?

Seriously. Thanks.

Hal, I remember in the 1990s Dan Miller & Colin Gablemann were seriously in the union movement yet held top jobs in the BCNDP gov't. Of course in the 2000s David Chubsvosky (sp?) got special treatment from the BCNDP.

BC Mary has a great question. I see Lara serving on many a corporate board and writing or helping write a great memoir.

Josef K, here is what you wrote; "The BCNDP will happily give union bosses safe seats to run in and if they take gov't they get key ministries.". Getting elected and then getting a ministerial post is an entirely different thing. It is the democratic process. Getting appointed to a Board only by the same party because you made a donation to that party and because You have been a cheerleader for everything that government did is an entirely different thing. What is it called? I won't even mention that it is at the taxpayers expense.

Are you also suggesting that any person who was ever active in the union movement or in their professional association is somehow not eligible for a role that a party hack can hold if they happen to be in the right party? Perhaps do some thinking before you write.

Seriously, this cannot be a surprise to anyone who frequents this site, is it? Political parties of all stripes do this. I know that this doesn't make it right and it is something that many members of the public have an issue with but it is, unfortunately, SOP for political parties. I wish these positions were filled through some sort of independent vetting process where people could apply for these types of positions and be appointed based on merit principles. Sadly, I doubt this will ever happen.

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