Environment-focused all-candidate debate proposed

Earlier this week, in an interview with the Georgia Straight, environmental documentary creator Jon Cooksey spoke about his effort to convince green-minded British Columbians to join the provincial Liberals so they can influence the results of the party's leadership race. That effort has now resulted in a GreenLibs Facebook page, as well as a proposal by organizers to have an environmentally-focused all-candidates debate in mid-February.


I can see why this is necessary, what with the BCNDP socialist party imploding and the threat of one of two anti-carbon tax shift candidates (Abbott or Falcon) winning. Good luck guys, one of the smartest things Campbell did was shift taxes to carbon emissions. Of course, the idea bankrupt BCNDP didn't support it...

Josef must be under the weather lately. another comment without mentions Ms. Polak, his answer to just about any issue.

If the greens want some credibility they sure won't get it by hooking up with the about to be removed Gordo team.
I sure don't support any of the Liberal candidates but if push comes to shove, Abbot appears to be the most sane one.

Avoter, Mary Polak is NOT running for Premier. She's taking quite a few hits. I'm not Madame Minister of Children & Family Deveopment's personal commentor & spokeshole!

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