Photocopier attack ad also used in North Carolina

Yesterday, the provincial New Democrats rolled out an online advertisement targeting Premier Gordon Campbell's would-be successors. As reported by The Vancouver Sun's Jonathan Fowlie, that advertisement was inspired by one "created a couple of years ago by the Democratic Party in the U.S." So we went looking for that muse and here's what we found - courtesy of The News & Observer, a newspaper in North Carolina.


Thanks for doing this. Of course Alise Mills really blasted the ad as negative & stale on Vancouver CBC last night and her wingman really had fun w/ it. Just mentioned it on C-FAX!

I think the ad actually works. It doesn't matter if it is copied. It really is time to take the gloves off on the Liberals. The question always is "Is the information portrayed correctly?" It is.

I like the NDP version better.

Frankly, I like Christy Clark's cute reply. The BCNDP may fly this around... but we're sure putting a lot of holes in this Bear bomber... and I'm sure some fashion designer or two is getting filthy rich thanks to Alise Mills.

This ad quite frankly speaks to the idea deficit in the BCNDP. While Alise is leading the defense and selling red handbags (hopefully some go to Egypt); the BCLib party organization is focused around leadership and we have six (6) great candidates on policy offense. Instead, the BCNDP need to retool & redefine and pivot from the grave errors of Dana Larsen + Adrian Dix & Maple the Staple splashed all over YouTube. BCLibs on the other hand have a record of economic growth, Olympics and a bungled salesmanship of the HST dumped at the wrong time the wrong way.

Such adds are to help the NDP people to be motivated to vote on which leader they want. They prove the point that Gordo has a number of clones.

Josef K, do you ever do anything other than parrot the BC Liberal message. I mean really Alise Mills a liberal party functionary who makes comments without any facts is your coach? At least the NDP ad sticks to facts that are undisputed. These "candidates" were all present when these events took place. The response from Alise and the tag on the video is just so much name calling school yard stuff and you are impressed?

For the third time, I am going to attempt to rebut Hal by saying I have a life. I am occassionally critical of the BCLibs.

Enough. I am tired of posting thoughtful comments for them to find the PublicEyeOnline filters lack of approval...

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