Former pay and pension commissioner backs Falcon

Provincial Liberal leadership candidate Kevin Falcon's has been endorsed by a member of the controversial 2007 independent commission that recommended a 29 percent base salary increase for MLAs and a generous defined benefit pension plan. Sue Paish, who is now chief executive officer of Pharmasave Drugs (National) Ltd., made that endorsement announcement today as a member of Falcon 20/20 - the third party group that's supporting Mr. Falcon's leadership bid. In a news release, Ms. Paish described the former health services minister as a "champion of healthcare and our community."

Earlier, we reported the former Insurance Corp. of British Columbia director also recently called on community pharmacies to help the public sector achiever better and more affordable outcomes in the healthcare system. The trade publication Chain Drug Review paraphrased her as saying if those pharmacies can find a way to do that "appropriate funding will follow."

The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned news release.


More than 100 Business and Community Leaders Join To Back Falcon

Paish, Jones, Wise, Harmatny, Dumaresq, Emerson, Gross, Roberts, England, Kassam, Williams, Whitworth, Hawrish, Vandekerkhove, Brasso, Roberts, Thwaites, Dinesen, Mason, Wright, Strongman and Baxter endorse Falcon

For Immediate Release

[Vancouver - January 28, 2011] - More than 100 BC Business and Community leaders have now publicly endorsed Kevin Falcon for Leader of the BC Liberal Party.

"Kevin has shown through his actions and accomplishments in cabinet that he has those special qualities that are so essential to good leadership. He gets things done on time and on budget. Whether in the Ministries of transportation, deregulation or health, Kevin made decisions and took action that improved these aspects of our province. He is a champion of healthcare and our community," said Sue Paish, CEO of Pharmasave Drugs.

"We need a leader in BC who has demonstrated that innovation is central to his planning and decision making. That leader for me is Kevin Falcon. Kevin has a vision for BC that puts its citizens and families first. He understands that a strong economy allows us to provide important services and support that lets British Columbians grow and prosper. Kevin is a leader with a proven track record of action, innovation and vision. He is here today for BC's tomorrow, and he has my support," said Paish.

"Kevin takes a long term view of what we as British Columbians need in the future. I believe Kevin is the right choice for Premier as he will stand for the best interests of all," added Sean Jones, Owner and CEO of Spence Diamonds.

Today, also announcing their support for Falcon are:

* Brad Wise, President of Churchill International Property Corporation
* Ivan Harmatny, Co-Chair and Founder of the LMS Reinforcing Steel Group
* Joel Dumaresq, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Matrix Partners
* Ron Emerson, President of Emerson Real Estate
* Harm Gross, President of Next Environmental
* Jan Roberts, Owner of A Smile Above
* Kevin England, President of The England Group
* Iqbal Kassam, President of Zynik Capital
* John Williams, President of Pacific Coast Heavy Truck
* Jonathan Whitworth, CEO of Seaspan International
* Darren Hawrish, President of No Limits Sportswear
* Billy Vandekerkhove, President of the Supersave Group of Companies
* Henning Brasso, Chair of Richmond Honda & Surrey Honda
* Warren Roberts of the Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics
* John Thwaites, President of Precision Metalform
* Dave Dinesen, President and CEO of Checkwell Solutions
* Doug Mason, Chairman of the Waterfront Mining Group
* Edward Wright
* Marc Strongman
* Rick Baxter

Joining with the previously announced 89 members of Falcon 20/20, including:

* Ryan Beedie, President of The Beedie Group
* Joe Segal, President of Kingswood Capital
* David Aisenstat, President and CEO of Keg Restaurants
* Peter Armstrong, Executive Chairman and Founder of the Rocky Mountaineer
* Stan Fuller, CEO of Earl's Restaurants
* Kyle Washington, Chairman of Seaspan International
* Tom Gaglardi, Chairman and CEO of the Sandman Hotel Group
* Richard Jaffray, President and Founder of Cactus Club Restaurants
* Cam McNeill, founder and President of MAC Marketing Solutions
* Christian Chia, President and CEO of the OpenRaod Auto Group
* Roger Hardy, Chair and CEO of Coastal Contacts
* Jeff Fuller, President and CEO of the JOEY Restaurant Group
* Terry McBride, CEO of the Nettwerk Music Group and CEO of YYoga
* Harald Ludwig, Co-Chairman of Lion's Gate Entertainment
* Paul Zalesky, CEO of AllWest Insurance
* Devina Zalesky, President of AllWest Insurance
* Dan McLaren, President and CEO of the Commonwealth Group of Companies

The entire list can be found at

Falcon 20/20 is an independent group of BC business people who believe that Kevin Falcon's experience and vision for BC make him the clear choice to be the best Premier. The list of business leaders supporting Falcon is growing daily and more names will be released soon. More information about the group can be found at

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As expected, the "trough wallowers" continue to line up behind Falcon.

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